Through a regular routine of Yoga and Meditation. Various asanas and breathing exercises form an integral part of their schedule. Not only does it develop their physical ability and vitality, but also helps them channelize their energy. The practice of several yogic postures and asanas has really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learners.


Students actively and enthusiastically participated in Essay competition, Debate, extempore, story Narration, Poem Recitation, Skits etc. during this period which was purely conducted in Hindi. It is to emphasize that Hindi Language also holds an important place in society.


In Navratri days students played Garba with great devotion.They performed folk dance and dandia rass. Sanskrit Shlokas were recited by students in honour of Goddess Durga.



The Morning Assembly adorned by the Special Presentations is an essential part of the School schedule. Each class has its own special day to conduct the assembly with the help of their Class Teacher in the course of the academic year. It helps in exposing each student to both Indian and other world cultures through celebrations of days such as Diwali, Christmas, MahavirJayanti etc. The Assembly is an opportunity for displaying the inexhaustible talent of students. It fosters the spirit of group activity, leadership and value building. It also acknowledges the efforts of the silent learners in the class who are equally participative in organizing the class assembly.

The morning assembly in the school sets the tone for the day.The day begins well by directing the thoughts of the pupils towards spiritual and moral values and focusing on the idea that they belong to a unified school family. There is a mass singing followed by the National Anthem. Every week assembly is conducted class-wise which is followed by Thought, Amazing Facts, Special Day of The Week, Story and News Headlines.On every Wednesday and Saturday PT is conducted for all the classes.


To foster the holistic development, there are a number of School Clubs, both academic and co-curricular. No matter which club you belong to, you can look forward to precious experiences that will help you to improve yourself and discover who you really are.

The wealth of activities offered through these clubs capitalizes on the student's interest and inclination. They play a pivotal role in honing a hobby and in moving the child into the learning mode. The student can choose from a spate of activities that are organized keeping in mind both aesthetic as well as contemporary viable pursuits.