Good sportsmanship is viewed as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others:-

1. Play fair, take loss or defeat without complaint or victory without gloating.

2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

3. Respect others and one's self.

4. Impose self-control, be courteous, and gracefully accept results of one's actions.

5. Display ethical behavior by being good (character) and doing right (action).

6. Be a good citizen.

The school has an spacious play ground and swimming- pool for athletics and playing all major games to ensure the full physical growth of the pupils. School has qualified and experienced coaches for different sports. Students are given training in various disciplines like athletics, basketball, chess, cricket, football, table-tennis, swimming etc. School also organizes various interschool competitions and special sports training programmes are conducted during summer.


Sportspersons are not born but made.

Inculcating healthy body and agility of mind in a practical manner on the Playground.

At SVPS, Sports and Games and an integral part of Education Sporting Facilities include: Junior Swimming pools | Lawn Tennis Courts | Basketball Courts | Skating Rink | Facilities for Football | Cricket.

Playground is a place of transformation and the nerve centre of all activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that they learn to become achievers and leaders. They are some role models for other children as they are admired, applauded and followed. The Sports achievers are perceived as daring, driven by passion.

The Physical Education Programme has been divided on the following segments:

Sports Activities Outdoor

Judo Karate(self defense)

Health and Fitness Training - Yoga

The specialized coaches and instructors ensure the provision of a relevant environment where the physical well being of the students is taken care of. Regular competitions and participation in sports events are organized to develop the potential of the young students especially in their field of interest.