Scientific temper is inculcated in each child through exploration, observation & discovery. Many different strategies are adopted at all developmental stages to develop facilities conceptual understanding and an inquisitive mind.

Emphasis is laid on sensitizing the learners to the application of concepts in not only day to day lives but also in the service of humanity and as a major instrument for achieving goals of self reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development.

Science as a stream is introduced for senior classes in a wide ranging program covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology. It will provide students with a scientific approach to advanced studies, and the students will be exposed to the latest developments and seminars.

The school has all the labs equipped with basic infrastructure required to perform science practical as per CBSE syllabus upto class XII.


There are two well-equipped computer labs in the School. We have competent teachers to train the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing. Beginning from the Junior School, we focus on keyboarding, word processing and Internet skills.

The computer labs are equipped with the following facilities:

• Multimedia systems • 20” LCD monitors • Networking environment • A vast collection of educational software’s, catering to various subjects, for the use of teachers and students.

Technology is a boon it has imbibed it in all possible ways to set the educational standards of a different equation. The curriculum incorporates teaching-learning methodologies, which facilitate the process and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns. The students are updated with the latest modes of technology and are kept in tune with the current system. The exposure provided to the learners makes learning a stimulating and intriguing experience. The use of online encyclopedias and reference material in the library also contributes immensely to the learning process.

To instill 21st Century skills in our children, another area of focus is enabling them in IT skills. The computer lab is an exciting place where children get an opportunity to become explorer and innovators.